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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Mangates presents

COBIT 5 Implementation 3 Days Virtual Live Training in Hobart

Course Description:
Get a practical appreciation of how to apply COBIT 5 to specific business problems, pain points, trigger events and risk scenarios within the organization. Learn how to implement and apply COBIT 5 into your enterprise and how to effectively use it for client initiatives. Attendees will walk away with an appreciation of how to effectively use COBIT 5 for different organizational scenarios.

The course is supported by practical exercises and engaging case-based scenarios. Candidates learn how to apply the COBIT 5 continual improvement lifecycle approach to address requirements and establish and maintain a sustainable approach to governing and managing enterprise IT as “normal” business practice. 

The course is available as a 2 or 3 day course. The third day is optional for the exam. 

Course Topics:

● Positioning IT Governance

● Benefit Realization

● Risk Optimization

● Resource Optimization

● Environmental Factors

● IT Governance Frameworks

● Applying IT Governance

● Taking the First Steps

● Environment for IT Governance Implementation

● Roles and Responsibilities

● RACI Chart for Implementation

● Life-cycle Approach and Phases

● Pain Points and Trigger Events

● Continual Improvement, Change Enablement and Program Management

● What Are the Drivers?

● Drivers for IT Governance

● Key Role Players

● Tasks, Inputs and Outputs

● Challenges

● Root Causes

● Critical Success Factors

● Continual Improvement, Change Enablement and Program Management

● Where Are We Now? And Where Do We Want to Be?

● Root Causes for Overcoming Implementation Challenges

● Implementation Pitfalls

● Target Capability

● Identify Challenges

● Encouraging Management

● Defining Roles

● Planning and Scoping

● Continual Improvement, Change Enablement and Program Management

● What needs to be done? And How do we get there?

● Initiating the Program

● Success Factors

● Planning

● Getting Commitment

● Target Setting

● Availability of Key Roles

● Overcome Fear of Bureaucracy

● Continual Improvement, Change Enablement and Program Management

● Did we get there? And how do we keep the momentum going?

● Adoption by Role Players

● Demonstrating Benefits

● Using Momentum

● Continual Improvement, Change Enablement and Program Management 

Learning Goals: 

● How to analyze enterprise drivers
● Implementation challenges, root causes and success factors
● How to determine and assess current process capability
● How to scope and plan improvements
● Potential implementation pitfalls 

Course Agenda:

Day 1

● Introduction

● Positioning IT Governance

● Break

● Taking the First Steps

● Assignment 1: Justifying IT Governance Improvement


● What Are the Drivers?

● Break

● Assignment 2: Phase 1

● Where Are We Now? And Where Do We Want to Be?

Day 2

● Assignment 3: Phases 2 & 3

● Break

● What Needs to Be Done? And How Do We Get There?

● Assignment 4: Phases 4 & 5

● Lunch

● Did We Get There? And How Do We Keep the Momentum Going?

● Break

● Assignment 5: Phases 6 & 7

● Exam Preparation (optional)

● Evening Mock Exam (optional)

Day 3

● Exam Preparation: Self Study

● Break

● Exam

● Lunch 

Who can Attend? 

A wide range of IT auditors, IT managers, IT quality professionals, IT leadership, IT developers, process practitioners and managers in IT service providing firms, business managers.

Category Business