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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Mangates presents

Management Of Risk Foundation (M_o_R) 2 Days Virtual Live Training in Canberra

Course Description:

This M_o_R Foundation Course lasts 2 days and prepares learners to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the four elements of the M_o_R framework: Principles, Approach, Processes, Embedding and Reviewing; and how these elements support corporate governance. The M_o_R Foundation Course is also a prerequisite for the M_o_R Practitioner qualification.

Course Topics:


● Introduction to the M_o_R Course

● What is a risk?

● What is a risk management?

● Why is risk management so important?

● Basic risk definitions

● The development of knowledge about risk management

● Corporate governance & internal control

● Where and when should risk management be applied?

M_o_R principles:

● The purpose of M_o_R principles

● Aligns with objectives

● Fits the context

● Engages stakeholders

● Provides clear guidance

● Informs decision-making

● Facilitates continual improvement

● Creates a supportive culture

● Achieves measurable value

● Risk management maturity models

M_o_R approach:

● Relationship between the documents

● Risk management policy

● Risk management process guide

● Risk management strategy

● Risk register

● Issue register

● Risk response plan

● Risk improvement plan

● Risk communications plan

M_o_R process

● Common process barriers

● Identify – contexts

● Identify – the risks

● Assess – estimate

● Assess – evaluate

● Plan

● Implement

● Communication throughout the process

M_o_R perspectives

● Strategic perspective

● Program perspective

● Project perspective

● Operational perspective

Risk specialisms

● Business continuity management

● Incident and crisis management

● Health and Safety management

● Financial risk management

● Environmental risk management

● Reputational risk management

● Contract risk management

M_o_R Foundation Exam

● (1 hour + time for administrative procedures)

Learning Goals:

● Describe the key characteristics of risk and the benefits of risk management

● List the eight M_o_R Principles

● List and describe the use of the key M_o_R Approach documents

● Create Probability and Impact scales

● Define and distinguish between risks and issues

● Create a Risk Register

● Create a Stakeholder map

● Identify the key roles in risk management

● Use the key techniques and describe specialisms in risk management

● Undertake the M_o_R Foundation examination

Course Agenda:

 Day 1

● Introduction

● M_o_R principles

● M_o_R approach

● M_o_R process

Day 2

● M_o_R perspectives

● Risk specialisms

● M_o_R Foundation Exam

Who can Attend?

This M_o_R Foundation Course is ideal for professionals who need to learn and apply the concepts of risk management, and specifically, understand the principles and language of the M_o_R method. For example, Directors, all levels of Managers, Program and Project Managers, Program Office Staff, Business Change Managers, and Business Consultants.

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