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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Effective reverse Marketing & Sales Online Program

Sales - Reverse Marketing - Prospecting - Coaching - Mindset - Strategy - Implementation. A program designed for employment practitioners

Sales - Reverse Marketing - Prospecting - Coaching - Mindset - Strategy - Implementation.
A program designed for employment practitioners

About this Event

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALTHOUGH THE TICKETS HAVE SPECIFIC DATES AND TIMES, YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THIS ONLINE PROGRAM FOR 1 YEAR. All you need to do is select a start date, and you will receive your membership login details within 24 hours. To understand in further detail how this program works, scroll down to the FAQ section.

What participants will learn:

  • Key methods of how to influence more employers.
  • Gain the confidence at picking up the telephone and contacting anyone, from CEO to small business owner.
  • Develop a powerful pitch to use anywhere, whether on the phone, face to face or through email.
  • Discover proven methods of how to market the jobseeker to employers and the job to jobseekers.
  • Learn ways of how to respond to objections given by an employer.
  • Build better rapport and develop lasting relationships.
  • Develop ways you can create desire and interest when talking to resistant clients.
  • Improve your communication skills and get the most out of your clients.
  • Learn certain influencing techniques to be able to help more people into work.

Topics Covered

  1. Becoming a trusted employment advisor.
  2. The Reverse marketing cycle.
  3. Creating your ideal employer profile.
  4. How to fill your employer pipeline
  5. Develop a discovery that engages the employer.
  6. Presenting your services and jobseeker.
  7. Cold calling employers.
  8. Preparing for the call.
  9. Getting through the gatekeeper.
  10. A telephone framework and scripts that work.
  11. How to overcome employer objections.
  12. Stories that resonate and connect with employers.
  13. Understanding the labor market.
  14. Job carving and creating a job that doesn't exist.
  15. Prospecting on LinkedIn.
  16. Building your Authority and advocating on LinkedIn.
  17. Business development and relationship building.
  18. Do's and don'ts of face to face networking.
  19. Getting buy-in from your jobseeker.
  20. How to motivate and encourage the jobseeker.
  21. Develop the right mindset and confidence selling through NLP.
  22. Create your mission and purpose.
  23. Learn how to Deal with Rejection.
  24. Getting organised.
  25. Develop a strategy and routine.
  26. Creating your own blueprint for job placement success.
  27. Plus you will have access to
  28. Monthly live webinars and Q&A.
  29. Implementation plans.
  30. Unique sales scripts for Employment Services.
  31. Lead generation message scripts
  32. Sales frameworks and methodologies.
  33. Recruitment Discovery Questions for employment services.
  34. Blueprint for job placement success​.

Who this training is for:

  • Employment Consultant​
  • Job coach
  • Employment Specialist
  • Employment Engagement Officer
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Candidate coaches
  • Employer engagement consultants

Plus you will have access to

  1. Monthly live webinars and Q&A.
  2. Implementation plans.
  3. Unique sales scripts for Employment Services.
  4. Lead generation message scripts
  5. Sales frameworks and methodologies.
  6. Recruitment Discovery Questions for employment services.
  7. Blueprint for job placement success​.


What is it?

An online self-paced training and coaching program through videos, audios, slides and implementation plans. As well as access to monthly live calls.

How does it work?

Through a series of recorded online videos and material, you will be trained and coached by Rana Kordahi. The material is drip scheduled. You do this at your own pace and own time, although we highly recommend completing it within a 3-month timeframe. Although we equip you with specific sales knowledge and skills, the aim is to implement the learning and complete tasks throughout the program. You will also have access to live calls, webinars and Q&As.

What happens after you make a payment?

You will receive a welcome email, with the course outline, information and login details.

Does this program ever expire?

Yes, this program expires one year from your purchase.

Who is it for?

Anyone who helps long term unemployed people or those with barriers to work. It doesn't matter what program you're in, as long as you have to actively reach out to local employers, whether small or large. ​​

Can I share this program with others?

No, this purchase is one license per user. Please do not share your login information with others as it affects your ability to use it.​ In addition, no usernames and passwords are to be shared with third parties, No broadcasting the information on a large screen. IP tracking plug-ins are being used to monitor multiple IPs. ​

If you need to discuss other payment options please contact​​​​​​​​​​​​ or call (02) 8007 5857

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