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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

BENNEFIT presents


2020 has hit like a hurricane but we are in the back half now!
Its time to train with purpose, for a great cause! RUN SKI ROW

About this Event


But we don't want to throw the year away, our goal of being the fittest and strongest physically and mentally or the chance to make a positive impact on everyone around us!

So while we would love the idea to all come together and train in ONE HUGE SESSION that just isn't viable and might not be at any point this year.

So we have decide to put on a little online event to test your physical and mental strength, we can all come together as a community to train for a big event, and push ourselves to a new limit, all while raising funds for BEYOND BLUE.

With the impact this year has had on the world it is without question the mental toll it has had on all of us some more than others, taking away some peoples direct support system, throwing people into the unknown and forcing us away from the comfort of our known support systems. It's with that reason we are raising funds and awareness for beyond blue and the work they do to support those affected by Mental Health in Australia.

So what is the event?

Well we're just three guys that decided to challenge ourselves in something we've never done before!

On November 28th at 8am we will be partaking in the following relay, and we invite anyone and everyone to join in for a leg or for the entire thing!


30km Relay Run - We will be picking a nice loop, where we will run loops only one person running at a time tagging in and out with our partners until we finish our 30km where we will move straight into the second event.


40km SKIERG - After finishing our run we will move straight onto the SKIERG, using one skierg we will be skiing one person at a time until we knock out a total of 40km, these can be done in whatever interval lengths you choose. After our last metre is complete we will then move onto the third and final event.


50km ROW - After now finishing the SKI Relay we move onto our final station where we will knock out a total of 50km on one rowing machine. Again choosing intervals of however long you choose changing as often as you like until a total of 50km is complete.

Registration is simple.

Step 1

Find two friends to make up a team

Step 2

Choose if you will be doing 1 event or all 3

Step 3

Find a club or location to complete the event

Step 4

Register your team

Step 5

Train for the event and help raise as much money along the way!

We would you to be apart of this event, to give you something to train for, to give you something to look forward to and to help raise funds for a very worthy cause!

If you have questions just send them through


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