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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

James presents

Fullmoon Innerdance - self guided meditative & healing journey

Innerdance is calling you, the universe is callng, come and join the most amazing deep trance like meditation and sound healing.

About this Event

Innerdance is calling you, the universe is callng, come and join the most amazing deep trance like meditation and sound healing. You won't regret it.

Innerdance is a guided 90 minute music based meditation, sound healing and awakening journey.

The music guides your mind, body and soul into deep, connected states of consciousness and a trance-like experience akin to dreaming awake. Spontaneous movement can arise in those participants who fully surrender to the wisdom of their body.

In these expanded states of consciousness, you can gain deeper understanding of your conditioning, perceptions and patterning. You can experience union with source and have life reviews. Healing of a wide range of physical aliments is also possible.


Initial release - 20 spaces @ $25 inc. BF

Future release @ $28 inc BF

At the door - $30


* Yoga Mat

* Comfortable Clothes / Blanket

* Water

* An open mind and open heart :)

*If you have eye pillow

*If you get a sore neck, small pillow but best for the practice to keep a straight spine

*Journal if you like to journal after you experience :)

It's quite a journey within, so you can expect everything, but expect nothing...

Check out our live video to hear more:

Youtube Video Links for more of a visual appreciation:

Trust this is calling you, trust in your body, mind and spirit to take you where it needs to go…we look forward to journeying with you

About your facilitators


James is a 200hr certified Ashatanga yoga teacher who quit his corporate job in 2011 and travelled extensively through South America, Europe, India and Asia for over two and a half years. He was introduced to Innerdance by a friend in the Philippines in 2014. There he completed his first Innerdance Energy School with Pi Villarazza the founder of Innerdance. This had a transformative effect on his life opening up his understanding of energy work and self healing. He completed a second Innerdance Energy School with Pi in 2017 and has been holding space for private and group Innerdance sessions in Perth since 2019. James looks forward to sharing the practice of Innerdance with you.


Shei’s passion is helping people embody more of their spirit and light through various processes of guided meditation yoga and dance. Shei works with the celestial and the telluric energies in transmutation and is a channel for universal energy which she anchors by singing the song lines of the earth and the space within the collective. Shei discovered Innerdance in the Phillipines and has found it a pure place for you to meet yourself and open to more of the natural healing energy and open you to the profound change and healing. Shei’s intention is always a simple desire to allow spirit to work through her and get out of the way as the energy intuitively guides her to create a container of love and compassion for all!! She is always moved by the release of emotion and deep purging and welcomes it at anytime to bring nourishment to your soul 💚

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