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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Weekly Kundalini Transmission Class

Receive a transmission of Source Energy to release stale energy, unwanted emotions, blocks, and past life trauma.

About this Event

What is KAP?

Welcome to my weekly Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) classes to raise your vibration through a direct transmission of Kundalini (life force) energy.

I hold small, friendly classes both in person in Arundel, and online from the comfort of your own home via Zoom - if you can't make it in person. Remote energy transmissions have been taking place in spiritual practices for thousands of years.

Feel the transmission of Source Energy as it flows through you, clearing stale and unwanted emotions, negative energies, past lives, trauma, blocks and programs. KAP needs to be experienced to be fully understood - there's really nothing quite like it.

Current students describe this transmission as:

"Reiki x 10" (from a Reiki Master)


"Deeply calming"

"Life changing"

"What WAS that?!"

Everyone's KAP journey is different, but most attendees report an extremely powerful experience, even in their first session, which deepens and evolves over time. Participants often report a cathartic experience, emotional release, deep healing, energy movement, “Aha” insights and realisations, and a profound sense of peace, calm and connectedness. It can be truly life changing.

What happens in a KAP Session? : Relax, Release & Receive

Simply lie on a yoga mat, relax, listen to a variety of music and surrender in a sacred space. I will facilitate the flow of energy to various median points and chakras in your body to release stale energies and clear blockages. Just surrender and receive! Classes are kept small to make them more friendly and personal as well as more effective. Afterwards, you have an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about your experience.

What Might You Experience During the Class? :

While the experience is unique for every person, you may typically experience:

- ENERGY: Feeling heat, vibrations, muscle twitches, heavy limbs and/or other sensations of energy in the body.

- MOVEMENT: Spontaneous and flowing movement of the body that opens and aligns the energy system (Please note that first time participants in online KAP classes are less likely to experience movement in their first session than trying it in person. However, you are still likely to experience the other sensations).

- VISUALS: Visual experiences like seeing colours, patterns, light, and even astral journeys.

- EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION & RELEASE: Spontaneous laughter, vocal release, crying, and other release of stuck/suppressed emotion, along with feelings of love, joy, lightness etc.

- BLISS STATES: Profound sense of oneness, connection with source, and pure blissful joy.

- OTHER: Resetting of your nervous system, re-wiring of the brain, deep insights/messages.

What typical benefits can happen outside KAP Classes over time? :

- Deeper connection and awareness in your relationships

- A natural positive change in behaviour and eating and drinking habits

- Greater awareness and alignment of your body

- Reprogramming of the brain and de-conditioning of limiting beliefs

- Heightened intuition and state of consciousness

- Sense of equanimity and relief from stress and anxiety

- Heightened senses (smell, touch, sound, etc)

- Feeling more ALIVE, FREE & CONNECTED!


No previous experience is required. Come with an open mind and intention to surrender to the process.

Ideally, try to eat lightly before the session and drink plenty of water.

Use your yoga mat, water bottle and wear comfortable clothes.

 Who is the facilitator?

Claire Galea has been meditating and working on raising her vibration for 14 years. During this time she has worked with many different modalities including kinesiology; NLP; crystal bed healing, body work, theta healing, aura soma and numerology. Whilst they have all played a vital role in her personal development, she has found nothing to be as profoundly effective as KAP. When she was invited to train as a facilitator, she didn't hesitate. Now an accredited KAP Facilitator, Claire was trained by KAP Founder, Venant Wong in Sydney in 2019.

The purpose of KAP

KAP is a regular spiritual practice that should ideally be undertaken on a weekly basis, to gradually raise your vibration and release stale energy and blockages, in the same way as meditation. It's not intended to be a one-off healing session. One-on-one sessions are available for private healings.


Arundel, North Gold Coast. Please message me for the address.


Have questions about KAP Open Class? Contact KAP Facilitator Claire Galea

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