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Master Japan's most loved - gyoza and sushi in a hands-on, fun one-day workshop

About this Event

Learn the art of making the internationally adored Japanese Gyoza and Ramen in this intensive, hands-on and fun workshop, so you can make your favourite dishes at home. This workshop combines the Japanese Superfoods Gyoza and Ramen Cooking Classes for a whole-day intensive workshop.

Follow detailed demonstrations by celebrated chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, who has had over twenty years experience and has frequented some of Sydney's top kitchens, authored two cookbooks and worked on shows like The Biggest Loser.

Did you know?

- Most Japanese restaurants use lots of MSG in their cooking!

- These restaurants also don’t use traditional ingredients meaning the food loses taste and nutrition!

But don’t worry! This class is MSG-free and we will use only traditional, high-quality Japanese ingredients to make our food yummy and healthy.

You will follow traditional methods replicable at home, including essential Japanese seasonings, cooking techniques and a variety of yummy recipes.

Some examples from our Superfoods Gyoza class menu:

- How to correctly fold and pleat gyoza

- How to correctly cook gyoza

- How to freeze gyoza

- Two types of gyoza dipping sauce

- Basic rice balls

- Rice sandwich (onigirazu)

- How to make seaweed salad w/ Japanese style dressing

Some examples from our Ramen class menu:

- Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce-based)

- Shoyu konnyaku ramen

- Miso ramen - using alive miso

- Create yummy ramen toppings

- Master cooking the best egg-free ramen noodles!

- Green leaf salad with carrot and miso dressing - using alive young white miso

- Dairy Free Blancmange

*All classes served with alkaline water & Matcha green tea

N.B. Also, all of Yoshiko's classes (except the "Japanese Cooking Class (Advanced)") are suitable for vegans.

IT’S ONLY $298! For only $298, you get a 6.5 hour hands-on workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Japanese home-cooking including essential Japanese seasonings, cooking techniques a variety of yummy Japanese recipes! It will be yummy AND healthy because we will use only top quality Japanese ingredients that are produced by following traditional methods, which makes it tastier and healthier! 



  • Taught by Chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, 20 years of experience in teaching, author of "Cooking with Soy", " Cooking with Japanese superfoods" and renowned for cooking in some of Sydney’s top kitchens and work on The Biggest Loser
  • Learn through detailed demonstration from the teacher PLUS hands-on practice
  • No washing required, unlike most cooking classes - all you do is learn, cook, eat and have fun!
  • Enjoy freshly made healthy Japanese foods that are easy to replicate at home!
  • Learn and try Japanese superfoods - the secrets of Japanese health, longevity and immune-boosting that you don’t know much about!
  • It is plant-based (Cholesterol free)
  • Once you learn the basics of Japanese cooking, it’s easy to add other ingredients you love!
  • Take home recipes to impress your friends and family at home!


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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

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