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2 Day Hypnotherapy Certification Course

2 Day Hypnosis Certification Course - Leading Hypnotist Trainers

About this Event

Did you know that learning Hypnosis can 'change your life!'

Would you like to learn the wonderful skills and tools of hypnosis and the outstanding benefits hypnotherapy can offer to you, your loved ones and friends? 

Would you like to learn 'how to hypnotise' others, to induce trance and change in yourself and others?

Did you know that just by learning and having the skills and tools as a Hypnotist, it can help to eliminate so many issues and problems that you, your loved ones or friends might have had for years? 

If you said yes, as I'm sure you did, to any of the above questions, then our 3 Day Hypnosis Certification Course is for you.

Are you ready and open to learn our hypnosis training and have the skills and tools to make massive change in your life!

What Hypnosis is NOT. (Misconceptions and Myths about Hypnosis)

Hypnosis is NOT mind control. Hypnosis is NOT black magic.

Hypnosis is NOT a zombie like state.

Hypnosis is NOT dangerous.

Hypnosis is NOT like normal sleep. 

Here's some GREAT NEWS for you!

Hypnosis IS a scientifically proven technique to make MASSIVE 'positive' change. Hypnosis IS the most successful natural therapy method used for change in smoking, weight loss, stress reduction, motivation, anxiety, confidence, pain control, and much more. Hypnosis IS similar to meditation and can be used successfully by 'anybody' with an open mind and willingness to learn.

What is Hypnosis Training?

Our 2 Day Certified Hypnosis Training can be learned by 'anybody' for use as a business, or just for personal use. Your trainers are Hypnotist Mark Anthony, Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Stage Hypnotist, Author and Hypnosis Trainer for nearly 16 years, and Craig Needs, Certified Hypnotherapist, Body Language Expert, and Trainer.

Our hands-on 2- day training will teach you how to use your new Hypnosis skills to get desired changes and results in your behaviours, giving you better health and well being, both mentally and physically.

Our 2-day course is very hands on training, in which you'll be given step-by-step learning processes to use your newly learnt Hypnosis skills, skills which you'll be able to utilise in your everyday life from 'Day 1', and then if you choose to, your clients life.

You will leave after 2 days as a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, given ongoing 'lifetime support' with Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy, with access to your trainers and other attendees past and present. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that you will be able to use Hypnosis successfully after just 3 days of our hands-on training.

You will be guided by Hypnotist Mark Anthony, one of Australia's Leading Hypnotists, and Hypnotherapist Craig Needs, a fully qualified Hypnotist and Body Language expert through your wonderful exciting, and hands-on training.

You'll find that our workshop-style environment is very laid back, exciting, and fun.

We use the K-I-S-S system (Keep It Simple Stupid), thus making it an easy learning environment like nothing else you've experienced before. No boring lecturers, no boring teachers, no boring subjects, no reading from the manual, just an interactive, hands-on, FUN, and exciting experience that you'll 'want more' of. What you will learn not just by reading but by doing.


  • Stop Smoking
  • Anxiety Control
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Overeating Issues
  • Eliminate Stress
  • How To Induce Hypnosis On ANYBODY
  • Recipe For Change
  • Various Inductions
  • How To Use Metaphors In Hypnosis
  • Pain Control
  • How To Use Anchoring For Positive Change
  • How To Use Suggestibility Testing For Analytical and Non-Analytical People
  • How To Use Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Pre-Induction Techniques
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Induction Techniques
  • Awakening Techniques
  • How To Use Self-Hypnosis
  • And Much More


  • Hands-On Hypnosis Training
  • Exciting and Fun Environment
  • Comprehensive Hypnosis Training Manual
  • 3 Day Hypnosis Training 
  • Leading Hypnosis Trainers, Coaches, and Mentors
  • Full On Practice, Not Just Reading Or Seeing... Doing 
  • Step-By-Step Hypnosis System

Normal Full Fee Price: $1,297.00 AUD

Early Bird: $697.00 AUD

IMPORTANT! It is a prerequisite that you have attended the 2 Day INTRO To Hypnosis Course with the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy first. (message for more info)

Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

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