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Mangates presents

TIPA Lead Assessor 2 Days Training in Brisbane

Our classroom training provides you the opportunity to interact with instructors and benefit from face-to-face instruction.

About this Event

Course Description:

This 2-day course equips the participant with the ability to lead a process assessment project based on the TIPA framework. The course enables participants to collaborate with executive and top management to define the scope, select the class of assessment and plan of an assessment project, and define the project assessment team structure. The participants will be able to use the TIPA tools to monitor progress throughout the project lifecycle, ensure quality of the assessment and present results and recommendations to all relevant stakeholders.

 At the end of this course, participants will be optimally prepared to take and pass the TIPA Lead Assessor Exam and become a TIPA Lead Assessor. Please note that to become a ‘Certified TIPA Lead Assessor’, evidence of experience has to be provided to the TIPA governing body (See section ‘Providing evidence of experience’ on page 3)

 Course Topics:

● Course Introduction

● Organization of a TIPA Assessment Project

● Responsibilities of the Lead Assessor

● Definition Phase

● Preparation Phase

● Assessment and Analysis Phases

● Results Presentation Phase

● Assessment Closure Phase

● Improvement Cycle


● Mock Exam

● Exam

Learning Goals:

Upon completion of this course and examination, the participant will gain the following competencies:

 ● Explain the TIPA assessment methodology and the classes of assessment to

● executive/top management and generate buy in

● Provide the cost of the assessment, using TIPA workload estimation tool (for external consultants)

● Define the scope of the assessment project along with the top management representatives

● Define the structure of the assessment team (roles and responsibilities) and assemble the assessment team

● Provide guidance to the Assessment Coordinator and together with him/her, identify the Interviewees

● Create the assessment project plan, monitor progress, send regular progress update to key stakeholders

● Define the interview plan

● Review the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis, recommendations and reports created by the TIPA Assessors and integrate into the Assessment Report

● Present results of the assessment and recommendations to the top management and key stakeholders

● Close the project, review if objectives are met, create lessons-learned log, and plan for improvement of the process assessment process

● Articulate, in detail, the 6 phases of the assessment project

● Use all tools in the TIPA toolbox to perform any or all of the above activities

Course Agenda:

Day 1

 Course Introduction

● Organization of a TIPA Assessment Project

● (includes Assignment 1: TIPA Roles

● Assignment 2: Categories of Tools

● Assignment 3: Toolbox overview

● Assignment 4: Classes of Assessment)

● Responsibilities of the Lead Assessor

● (includes Assignment 5: Discover Tool T4 in Toolbox)

Definition Phase

● (includes Assignment 6: Select processes to be assessed

● Assignment 7: Discover Tool T2

● Assignment 8: Discover Tool T5

● Assignment 9: Discover Tool T6

● Assignment 10: FinTRUST – Context Discovery

● Assignment 11: Discover Tool T9

● Assignment 12: FinTRUST – Scope Agreement)


● Preparation Phase

● (includes Assignment 13: Discover Tool T11

● Assignment 14: FinTRUST – Prepare the Process Rating Sheet

● Assignment 15: Discover Tool T13

● Assignment 16: FinTRUST – Interview Plan

● Assignment 17: FinTRUST – Kickoff meeting)

Assessment and Analysis Phases

● (includes Assignment 18: Discover Tool T15)

● Homework (review of day’s material)

Day 2

 Results Presentation Phase

● (includes Assignment 19: Discover Tool T16

● Assignment 20: Discover Tool T17

● Assignment 21: FinTRUST – Overall Profile

● Assignment 22: Discover Tool T18

● Assignment 23: FinTRUST – Results Presentation)

Assessment Closure Phase

● (includes Assignment 24: Discover Tool T19

● Assignment 25: Discover Tool T20)

● Improvement Cycle


● Mock Exam

● Exam

Who can Attend?

The TIPA Lead Assessor course will be of interest to:

 ● Certified TIPA Assessors who would like to lead TIPA assessment projects

● Assessors (CMMi, ISO/IEC 15504 etc.) who would like to use the TIPA methodology to lead process assessments

● Individuals who play a role in assessing and improving processes in an organization and who would like to organize TIPA process assessment.

● Individuals who participate in ITSM implementations in organizations and who are interested in organizing TIPA assessments to measure ITSM process maturity for capability determination (either in a supplier selection process or as a benchmarking tool)

● Individuals who are looking for a turnkey-solution for process assessment to estimate the ROI of ITSM implementations in organizations.

● Individuals in typical roles (but not limited to): Senior Consultants, Project Managers, Quality Managers, Process Owners, Auditors, process improvement consultants

Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

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