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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Deal with Change

Deal with Change 1DAY SESSION

About this Event

For the past decade, organisations have invested heavily in the development of organisational capabilities of change management. However, what research has shown us is that 8 in every 10 change initiatives fail because we fail to understand the people side of change.

The DEAL with change program is a paradigm shift in the way we develop leaders to deal with the people side of change. This program has been designed using contemporary neuroscience research, methods and tools to provide you with the skills you will need to DEAL with change now and into the future.

The Program

Detail an understanding of the change

Research has drawn a discouraging link between leaders not having a detailed understanding of change and change failure rates. If as a leader you don’t understand the change then how can you expect your team to?

The first session will provide you with a framework aimed at helping you to develop a detailed understanding of the complexities around change.

Establish an aspirational change vision

Over 80% of change initiates fail because the vision has not been clearly defined. Furthermore, the change vision has been presented in a manner designed to engage staff at the frontline. If as a leader you don’t know how to influence your team, then how likely is it that your change initiative will be a success?

The second session will provide you with insights into a range of psychological concepts aimed at establishing an aspirational change vision.

Apply motivational strategies to embrace the change

A great vision will only achieve so much. Leaders need to find ways to use an individual’s distinct motivational needs to help them embrace change. Understanding the psychological constructs of motivation, will assist leaders in developing strategies for the successful implementation of change.

Using concepts from David Rock (Neuroscience), Dan Ariely (Behavioural Economics) and Daniel Pink (Motivational Expert), the third session will help you understand what motivates your team and how you can leverage off this during change.

Lead successfully through the change

Neuroscience tells us that change can equal fear. When people encounter fear, their cognitive functions generally decrease and emotions take centre stage. Knowing how and why people react to change, will empower leaders to deal with individuals more successfully. Using these skills could be the difference between smooth transition and a super heavyweight fight with no end in sight.

The final session allows leaders to develop a clear and coherent strategy for engaging people on the change journey.

Duration 1 Day (9am to 4pm)

Value $445.00pp

Important Note:

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