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Welcome to Everi

Every event. Everywhere you want to be!

Everi is a consolidation of Australia’s events so that you know what’s on, when and where.

Everi is your personal events concierge so that you are up to speed about events in your local community, events in places you are planning to visit or events happening place you are at right now!

Don’t miss a thing.

Why Everi is for you:

  • Get up to date on local and regional events.

  • Set event alerts so you know what’s on.

  • Access from any device and invite family and friends to attend with you.

  • Everi helps you decide what to attend based weather forecasts and social media trends.

  • Create a calendar of saved events with notifications and reminders.

Capture an audience for your Event.

How Everi Helps Event owners:

  • Free event listings with branding, images, locations and maps.

  • Broaden local event awareness and participation by harnessing the reach of Everi and Event Hub organisations.

  • Printable Bill Poster with unique url for your Event.

  • Social media activation of your event.

Create an Event Hub for your community.

Everything that’s on for your community, in one place:

Your fully customised, branded and multi-channel event platform with tailored event content matched to your region, community, members or event category.

Event Hubs consolidate all advertised events, generating awareness and increasing visitation Showcasing events via an Event Hub makes it easier for members, resident or visitors to find events and plan attendance.

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Every event nationwide

Everi delivers all of Australia’s events onto your mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Explore what your into

Discover what’s on locally, in places you are visiting or by event categories that interest you.

Never miss an event again

Shortlist events of interest and invite your friends to attend via social media.

Capture an audience

List your event for Free! Your event will be visible across the Everi network.

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