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Ajeet S. presents

Meetup - Showcase your work - Unreal / Unity or anything?


Event Details

- Welcome & Introduction (Each Participant)

- Showcase your work done in Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender etc. It can be a PC game, architecture or Mobile Games, Prototypes, 3D Models, Music & Sounds for the game.

- Discussion about Topics for the next session.

Send us your details to be considered for show case in this event, as it will not be possible to showcase the great work of each individual. We will show case up to 5 first entries, and then rest of them will be picked for next event in the order of the entries received since day 1.

Win a $100 voucher for 1 of the best work!!! Sponsored by Games Lawn this time, Winner will be selected before the end of the call.

To select the winner, we will randomly select 3 other people as judges among all the attendees who will not be presenting this time, after the introduction.

Why this is a paid event?

We will be using most of the money to distribute among you? Does that sounds good. Every event we will select 3 Best work & distribute 70% money among them after all deductions to manage accounts, PayPal fees etc.

1st Place = 50% of the Net Attendees Fee Revenue after all deductions

2nd Place = 30% of the Net Attendees Fee Revenue after all the deductions

3rd Place = 20% of the Net Attendees Fee Revenue after all the deductions.

Let say if we had 100 Attendees @ $10, Total is $1000, 70% of the $1000 will be $700, which will be distributed as prize amount below

1st Place = 700 * 50% = 350

2nd Place = 700 * 30% = 210

3rd Place = 700 * 20% = 140

This will help us to have seriously interested people in the group, and people who are willing to help and encourage each other for the good work. All of the above can be changed as per the mutual discussions & voting.

There will be other opportunities for the best games to get offers for publishing & finance support from Games Lawn & other collaborators.

Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

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