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Serenity Now! Next Level Self Trust

Live gatherings held on Zoom, daily emails to your inbox.

The external world is constantly telling us who we should be, what we should believe, and how we should live our life. But these days most of the media, politicians, western medical industry, and religious leaders can not be trusted for they do not have our best interest at heart.

The Old Paradigm has been dictated by those who wish us to remain unbalanced, unaware of the power of our intuitive guidance, and oblivious of the infinite possibilities available for us to consciously co-create a loving, reverent world.

The forces that have been controlling us for so long sought to disrupt our serenity and deny us the ease and grace that comes from living a life guided by the stillness found within our own hearts.

So much of the directions offered to us have promoted us to stay small, to remain disempowered, disconnected from our fellow humans, separated from Gaia’s intelligence, and stuck in the karmic cycle of destruction. We are asked to simply follow the status quo. To not question the agendas designed to hijack our life force energy and take away our ability to THRIVE. We are asked to shut up and continue relinquishing control to those who do not support our evolution and who are destroying the sanctity of the earth.

This has got to stop! We are all being called to turn our attention away from external stimuli and listen deeply to our heart’s intelligence. We are being asked to stop believing the opinions of others and start believing in ourselves. It is time for us to take back control of this magnificent world by accepting full responsibility for our own state of mind, our thoughts, responses, and actions.

2020 is the year of the Great Awakening and while much of the work (vibrationally speaking) has already been done to transcend the Old Paradigm, the next coming year will continue to show up as chaotic and messy. If we are to sail smoothly through the changes yet to come, we need to have practices in place to return, restore, and continuously re-align back to inner peace. Before the year ends it is essential that we take some time to ensure we have methods in place to sustain our own internal harmony and remain centered in our heart. We can no longer rely on external influences to lead and guide us so we are asked to meet our higher dimensional aspects, accept our past mistakes (lessons), acknowledge our growth, move out of the personal ego, and into our collectively awakened hearts. This is how we will ensure the world moves out of separation and suffering and into peace and unity consciousness.

Are you ready to live a life where your inner peace is not sacrificed for the greed of others? A life where you can rest comfortably in the knowledge of your intuitive intelligence and your heart’s intrinsic serenity?


Throughout this 11 day online course you will reach new depths of self-trust and self-love. You will come to know and accept all parts of yourself, facilitating unconditional love and healing from within. 

You will learn ways to clear your vessel (body, mind, and auric field) of negatively and confusion so you can align to the present and SEE the infinite possibilities presented to you in every moment. 

You will re-affirm the pathways to Gaia’s holding, abundance, and wisdom so you can feel at home on the earth, safe within her holding.

You will receive a strengthening of the Earth Star chakra, High Heart (Thymus) chakra, and Soul Star chakra; restoring you to your original divine blueprint, awakening the all-knowing mind, and opening the connection to the higher dimensional wisdom coming from your galactic family. 

Eliza will teach you how to befriend your ego and shadow aspects to ensure you continue to self-heal and self-direct. She will awaken your intuitive intelligence and open the pathways to messages from your spirit allies and guides. 

This course is also a stepping stone to activating your intuitive intelligence. In order to hear the messages from the higher dimensions, we must first turn our attention away from external stimuli and learn how to access peace from within. This course is designed to restore your power to be in a state of mind that is calm, hopeful, and focused on creating the New Earth. 

You are the most intelligent human you know! You are limitless! You have been tricked into believing you can not when the world is full of can dos. It is time now to unshackle yourself from the lies that have denied you pleasure, joy, and freedom. It is time to rise up into your Heart-Mind. To heal from the past and take the necessary steps to restore your self-trust and sovereignty. The higher mind knows you are perfectly placed to do this and the forces that lead you from the higher dimensions are ready and available to help you make this change, now!

How it Works: 

This is a Self Directed course being offered for you to choose your own timing for the 11-day immersion. You will still be held in the loving, safe, and transmuting container by the guides who helped create it. 

You will receive daily emails in your inbox for you to drop in with. You are asked to dedicate an hour and a half each day to this content. Some days will be a video for you to contemplate, an audio journey to bliss out on or learn from, a Somatic instruction, or a PDF with a practice sheet for you to follow.

This is a powerful personal and spiritual development course. This is grounded in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Shamanism. Elevated by Sound Healing, Quantum Alignment, and Light Language and delivered through the authentic, embodied, and clear channel for the New Earth, Eliza Kendall.

∆ All content will be available for you to download and use for life

∆ Opening and Closing Ceremony

∆ Two Clinical Hypnotherapy journeys

∆ Three Sound Healings

∆ Effective, Evolutionary Self Healing and Integration Practices

∆ Light Language and Channelled Messages

∆ Direct Spirit Guide Downloads

∆ Heart and Shadow Healing

∆ Soul Star, Earth Star, and High Heart Chakra Awakenings


$66 AUD + BF

Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

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